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Solar PV ( Photovoltaics) - Solar Energy to Electricity Photovoltaic ( PV) means electricity from the sun. Photovoltaic technology is used to convert light energy into electrical energy. This is based on the characteristic of some semiconductor materials, such as silicon, which generate voltage and current when exposed to light. What is a photovoltaic system? Load - Application for electricity, e. lights, computer, radio, TV • Wires - Connect the other various components together These tend to be Pico PV Systems up to 500W in capacity. Load/ Appliance Inverter Solar Panels Saving Lamps Solar Charge Controller 12 VDC Lead- Acid Battery 16Training & Referral Manual Section 2: Solar Systems. The amount of electricity you are able to generate from a solar PV system depends not only on the availability of sunshine but also on the technology you choose to install. SOlAR PhOtOVOltAIC ( “ PV” ) SySteMS – An OVeRVIew figure 2. grid- connected solar PV system configuration 1.

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    Sunlight is composed of photons ( like energy accumulations), or particles of solar energy. These photons contain various amounts of energy. A solar PV system design can be done in four steps: Load estimation Estimation of number of PV panels Estimation of battery bank Cost estimation of the system. Base condition: 2 CFLs( 18 watts each), 2 fans ( 60 watts each) for 6hrs a day. The total energy requirement of the system ( total load) i. e Total connected load to PV panel system. What is solar PV? How much electricity can I generate from a solar PV system? Solar photovoltaic ( PV) energy systems are made up of. different components.

    Each component has a specific role. The type of component in the system depends on the type of system and the purpose. For example, a simple PV- direct system is composed of a solar module or array ( two or more modules wired together) and the load ( energy- using device)