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Mastitis is inflammation of the breast which often happens because of blocked milk ducts and/ or nipple damage. Recognising mastitis • Tenderness, reddened areas and uncomfortable or painful breast lumps • Women who have mastitis are likely to feel generally unwell, hot and cold, achy and shivery. Mastitis: Causes and Management 1. Introduction Mastitis is an inflammatory condition of the breast, which may or may not be accompanied by infection. It is usually associated with lactation, so it is also called lactational mastitis ( 67) or puerperal mastitis ( 1). It can occasionally be fatal if inadequately treated. Breast abscess, a. What is mastitis and how is it treated? Mastitis: Causas y manejo 1. Introducción La mastitis es una afección inflamatoria del pecho, la cual puede acompañarse o no de infección. Habitualmente se asocia con la lactación, así que también se la conoce como mastitis de la lactación ( 67) o mastitis puerperal ( 1). Ocasionalmente, puede ser mortal si se trata inadecuadamente. Stronger massage can make mastitis worse, though, as it pushes the leaked milk further into your breast tissue. You can take painkillers. Ibuprofen may help to reduce inflammation, as well as pain, or you can take paracetamol instead.

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    Some common treatments for mastitis include: Antibiotics: Certain antibiotics can eradicate the bacterial infection causing mastitis. You should not take any antibiotics that have not been prescribed by your physician. Mastitis: Infection of the Breast. Mastitis is an infection of the breast that causes pain, redness, warmth and swelling. Mastitis can also cause fever, chills and flu- like symptoms. While most cases of mastitis occur during the first 6 weeks after delivery, mastitis can occur at any time. What are some of the risk factors for developing mastitis?