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REGULAR VERBS LIST accept accepted will accept add added will add admire admired will admire admit admitted will admit advise advised will advise afford afforded will. What are some irregular English verbs? Most verbs are regular verbs. Regular verbs are those whose past tense and past participles are formed by adding a - d or an - ed to the end of the verb. " To roll" is a good example of a regular verb: roll, rolled, rolled. What are some examples of regular verbs? REGULAR VERBS BASE FORM SIMPLE PAST PAST PARTICIPLE SPANISH / id/ sound Accept Accepted / Id/ Accepted / Id/ Aceptar Count Counted / Id/ Counted / Id/ Contar Date Dated / Id/ Dated / Id/ Citar End Ended / Id/ Ended / Id/ Terminar Expect Expected / Id/ Expected / Id/ Esperar Intend Intended / Id/ Intended / Id/ Intentar Need Needed / Id/ Needed / Id/ Necesitar. What is an example of a regular verb? Irregular verbs are common verbs in the English language that do not follow the simple system of adding “ d” or “ ed” to the end of the word to form the past tense. That means the spellings can be a little tricky. Some irregular verbs follow patterns, such as drink– drank, spring– sprang, know- knew,.

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    In this article, the most common type will be discussed— the action verb.