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als/ wenn/ wann: when. To refer to a completed event in the past, use als, even if that event went on for a long time ( Als ich jung war,. ; Als ich fünf war,. Use wenn with the past tense only if you are referring to a repeated event. In present and future tense, use wenn for when. Use wann only for questions andindirect questions ( i. a statement without a question mark that directly or indirectly implies uncertainty about when the event will take place). Note that, although wenn can sometimes be translated as whenever, as in the fourth and fifth examples above, the best translation for whenever is immer wenn. ob/ wenn: Both translate if, but only one is right in any given sentence. If you can say whether in English, you must use ob in German. If you cannot, you must use wenn. falls: in case, if. Falls can sometimes be used instead of wenn to express possibility. It is a little more tentative than wenn. Zurück nach oben bevor/ ehe: before.

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    Konjunktionen übungen

    A conjunction is a “ little word” that connects two clauses: “ You’ re so fine, and you’ re mine” ; “ Long stemmed roses are the way to your heart, but he needs to start with your head. ” In German, a conjunction either “ coordinates” two “ equally important” clauses, or it “ subordinates” one clause to the other. Subordinating conjunctions make the verb go to the end in the clause they introduce, while coordinating conjunctions leave the verb position unchanged ( = = > the verb will usually, but not alwa. Niveau A2 - Deutsch Übungen und Grammatik: 1. Possessivartikel 1. Julia macht mit _ _ _ _ _ Freund ein Picknick. Ich helfe _ _ _ _ _ Mutter. These send the conjugated verb to the end of the clause. Conjunctions vs Prepositions. ID: 45934 Language: German School subject: Deutsch als Fremdsprache ( DaF) Grade/ level: pre- intermediate Age: 12+ Main content: Konjunktionen Other contents: Add to my workbooks ( 38).

    Coordinating Conjunctions. Subordinating Conjunctions. allein: Can be used instead of aberto express unwelcome or unexpected problems or restrictions. Sounds formal and a little archaic. doch, jedoch: Slightly more formal and slightly more emphatic than aber. They may occupy position 0, like und, denn, etc. , or they may occupy first position, as in the second example below. Jedoch is a little stronger than doch, and can come after the subject and/ or the verb and nouns/ pronouns, like aber, for added emphasis. Notice how the emphasis changes as jed.