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What is tested in an urine culture? A urine culture may be done when an abnormal result from a urinalysis ( such as an increased number of white blood cells) shows signs of an infection. To learn more, see the topic Urine Test. A urine culture may be repeated after the UTI has been treated. This is to make sure the infection is cured. ology laboratory adopted the modified standard urine culture for diagno- sis during patient recruitment for this study. Thus, diagnostic testing for patients 1 to 107 was the standard urine culture, while the modified stan- dard urine culture was used for patients 108 to 150. However, this change did not impact data presented in this study, as. When to order urine culture? Place sterile urine bag over labia or penis. After 30 minutes, observe for presence of urine. If no urine is present, reclean patient and attach a new bag. If impossible to obtain urine or if culture results yield a mixture of organisms, collect a catheterized specimen or collect urine by suprapubic aspiration. Suprapubic Aspiration: 1.

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    Results of a urine culture are typically ready in two to three days. If your result comes back positive, your doctor may prescribe an antibiotic to help eliminate the harmful bacteria. Sometimes there may be more than one kind of bacteria, or a very small bacterial presence, in your sample. A urine culture is a test that can detect bacteria in your urine. This test can find and identify the germs that cause a urinary tract infection ( UTI). Bacteria, which typically cause UTIs, can enter the urinary tract through the urethra. How long for results of urine culture? A urine culture is usually ordered when a person has symptoms typical of a UTI such as pain or burning when urinating and frequent urges to urinate. Sometimes antibiotic therapy may be prescribed without requiring a urine culture for young women who display symptoms.