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What is the difference between device structure and device function? Storage Structure Figure 3 Storage- device hierarchy Coherency and Consistency problem: multiple copies of data ( see “ Read/ Write through on Figure 3) • The problem is more complex in tightly- coupled systems Registers External Cache Internal Cache Electronic Disk ( e. , Flash cards) Main memory Magnetic Disk ( e. Bus structure: - The simplest and most common way of interconnecting various parts of the computer. To achieve a reasonable speed of operation, a computer must be organized so that all its units can handle one full word of data at a given time. A group of lines that serve as a connecting port for several devices is called a bus. STRUCTURE AND FUNCTION • Structure is the way in which components relate to each other • Function is the operation of individual components as part of the structure • All computer functions are: o Data processing: Computer must be able to process data which may take a wide variety of forms and the range of processing. Structure is how devices are interrelated, while function is the individual characteristics of each one. • Structure: The way in which the components are interrelated. • Function: The operation of each individual component as part of the structure. A general purpose computer has four main components: the arithmetic and logic unit ( ALU), the control unit, the memory, and the input and output devices ( collectively termed I/ O).

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