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What does ISO 2631 say about kinetosis? ISO 2631- 4: / Amd 1: Mechanical vibration and shock — Evaluation of human exposure to whole- body vibration — Part 4: Guidelines for the evaluation of the effects of vibration and rotational motion on passenger and crew comfort in fixed- guideway transport systems — Amendment 1:. What are the ISO 2631 guidelines on relative comfort? Apr 06, · ISOPDF. Posted on April 6, by admin. This PDF file may contain embedded typefaces. In accordance with Adobe’ s licensing policy, this file may be printed or viewed. ISO MECHANICAL VIBRATION AND SHOCK – EVALUATION OF HUMAN EXPOSURE TO WHOLE- BODY VIBRATION – PART 4. ANSI/ ASA/ ISO AMERICAN NATIONAL STANDARD. This part of ISO 2631 is applicable to people in normal health exposed to rectilinear vibration along their x -, y - and z - axes, as well as rotational vibration about these ( body- centred) axes.

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