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An Effective Framework for Teaching Supply Chain Management Abstract To survive in today s competitive business environment, compa nies strive to adopt the strategies of supply chain management. Thus, supply chain ma nagement has become an integral part of the engineering management curriculum. T his paper discusses a. What are the basics of Supply Chain Management? Have a Risk Management Strategy. Natural disruptions will do abundant to hinder the availability chain system functions of a corporation. supply chain management system involves optimizing operations functionality to be fast and efficient. Today, more than ever before, supply chain management has become an integral part of business and is essential to any company’ s success and customer satisfaction. Supply chain management has the power to boost customer service, reduce. Effective supply chain strategies, including: • Creating value through supply chain integration • Identifying the right supply chain strategy for a specific product and a particular eBusiness model • The integration of information and decision support systems in the management of the supply chain • Purchasing, production and distribution. Benefits of supply chain management. Supply chain management creates efficiencies, raises profits, lowers costs, boosts collaboration and more. SCM enables companies to better manage demand, carry the right amount of inventory, deal with disruptions, keep costs to a minimum and meet customer demand in the most effective way possible.

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    The Basic Concepts of Supply Chain Management. A supply chain provides a company and the activities involved in the business what is needed in designing, making, using, and delivering of services and products. Any business depends on the supply chain in providing it with necessary survival and thriving methods. How do I make an effective supply chain? What is the main goal of Supply Chain Management?