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From Theory to Practice for Teachers of English Learners Teaching and learning English in the US are complex processes that are not explained by language theories or methods alone. Concepts such as the relationship between language majority groups and lan- guage minority groups, language status, immigration, economics,. Detail of Material Fact about Young Learners Teaching Young learners has been happening in Indonesia for many years. The concept of young learners has been changed from the age, the course book that has written. In the past Young learners refer to students between five and twelve years of age. What is teaaching English for young learners? Hence, the current study aims at investigating 3rd year ELT trainees’ understanding of and beliefs about basic theory about teaching English to young learners and how this knowledge affected their teaching philosophy during the implementation in the school experience course by encouraging them to be reflective of their teaching. Students are able to use appropriate media in teaching English for young learners, in order to be effective, creative, and innovative on student‘ s centre. The students are able to manage the classroom teaching of English for young learners individually or collaboratively. What is the role of students in teaching English for young learners?

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    Pdf_ module_ version 0. Jan 21, · Teaching young learners english from theory to practice pdf This book is unique in bringing together theory, research, and practice about English encountered outside the classroom – extramural English – and how it affects teaching and learning. The book investigates ways in which learners successfully develop their language skills through extramural English and provides tools for teachers. Who is a young learner?