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Nov 30, · How to save openoffice as pdf. Click on select a file and navigate to the location of your openoffice document. I click on the icon export directly as pdf and save the document. / / create a document xcomponent xdocument = xcloader. loadcomponentfromurl ( private: factory/ swriter, _ blank, 0, new propertyvalue [ 0] ) ;. To save changes to the current file, choose File > Save. How do I save a file as a PDF? What format does open office use to save files? Click the " Tools" menu at the top of the application window, and then click " Options. Click the plus sign next to the OpenOffice.

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    Click the save icon to save your new PDF to the desired location One helpful advantage when working with PDF documents is their nearly universal readability. Regardless of their operating system or software, your colleagues will be able to open and view documents created in an OpenOffice application. Type the file name for your PDF file in the File Name box. Click " Save as Type" and then click “ PDF ( *. Click the “ Standard ( Publishing Online and Printing) ” button or the “ Minimum Size ( Publishing Online) ” button. Click the “ Publish” button to save as a PDF file.