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REACT Introduction to Land Search Course 6 Remember that this course will not make you an expert in how to do land search and rescue. It is an introduction. Get to know the search and rescue teams in your area and state, ask how you can help, attend their training, work with them in exercises, and be a reliable partner in actual responses. Search and Rescue - Merit Badge Workbook Page. 12 of 13 When working on merit badges, Scouts and Scouters should be aware of some vital information in the current edition of the Guide to Advancement ( BSA publication 33088). Important excerpts from that publication can be downloaded from. ESF # 9 – Search and Rescue ( SAR) provides specialized lifesaving assistance to State, tribal, and local authorities when activated for incidents or potential incidents requiring a coordinated Federal response. Search and Rescue Operations Following a catastrophe, rescue workers and emergency responders are the first to arrive on the scene, often in unfamiliar surroundings and adverse weather con- ditions, ready to save lives and secure the environment to help protect the lives of those to follow. Rescue workers and emergency responders may be involved. most search and rescue techniques, there is no substitute for field work and practical experience working with trained teams. Note: This article does NOT discuss water searches or urban/ disaster search techniques. Search Terms to Understand Search Area - When search teams begin looking for a person ( search subject), they. SEARCH AND RESCUE Search and rescue is a technical activity rendered by a group of specially trained personnel, who rescue and attend to the casualties under adverse conditions, where life isat threat.

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