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Identifying Adjective Clauses. Underline the adjective clause in each of the following sentences. Circle the word it modifies. Example: The book that he wrote has just been published. Mike, whose ancestors came from Ireland, marched in the St. Patrick' s Day parade. The woman who lives next door is a registered nurse. What are reduced adjective clauses? 2) We are learning how to use adjective clauses. Adjective clauses are important. 3) George Brown College is my school, and I learn English here. 4) The winter Olympics are in Sochi; Sochi is the warmest city in Russia.

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    The fire extinguisher which was refilled yesterday is on the floor. Remember that only sentences with a verb immediately after the relative pronoun can be reduced. If there is a subject after the relative pronoun, the clause cannot be reduced. Jan 26, · This practice will help you learn how to reduce an adjective clause to an adjective phrase. There are 7 kinds of reduced adjective clauses, as shown in the chart below. If you choose a wrong answer, you’ ll see an explanation to help you learn from your mistake. 1 Reduced relative clauses. Shorten these sentences without changing the order. Placing the Subject at the Beginning of the Participle Clause It is possible to have a different subject from the subject of the main clause. In this case, place the subject at the beginning of the participle clause: a) Subject + Present Participle • The chairman being absent, the secretary chaired the meeting.

    Reduced Adjective Clause Practice Reduce the adjective clauses found in the following sentences. Write the sentences. People who live on the streets often need medical attention. The keys that are on the table are mine. The study which was conducted by the university is now in a journal. The girl who is swimming in the lake is my sister. How to reduce a relative pronoun in a sentence?