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WE USE THE CAUSATIVE TO SAY THAT SOMEBODY IS DOING SOMETHING FOR US TO FORM THE CAUSATIVE FORM WE USE HAVE + OBJECT + PAST PARTICIPLE EXAMPLE: ACTIVE: THE MECHANIC REPAIRS MY CAR. CAUSATIVE: I HAVE MY CAR REPAIRED. WRITE THESE SENTENCES IN THE CAUSATIVE FORM USING THE WORDS GIVEN 1- THE DENTIST CHECKS MY TEETH. How do you use the causal form in English? Causatives Exercise 1: Have / Get Something Done Change these examples into the structure ‘ have + object + past participle’ or ‘ get + object + past participle’. For example: I cleaned my kitchen ( have) → I had my kitchen cleaned. ( have) _ _ _ _ _ 2. ( get) _ _ _ _ _ 3. I typed the documents. Causative Review 1. The simple form Causative verbs followed by the simple verb Noun Causative verb Noun ( person) Verb ( simple) Noun The teacher makes has lets his students speak English. What is the simple form of causative review? What are some examples of causatives?

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    I had my washing machine fixed. I had my grass cut. I got my bedroom painted. I had my fridge repaired. I got my garden tidied. I had the article edited. I got the carpets cleaned. I had the photo printed. A) Exercise 1: Write the sentences in the causative form. A) The dentist filled Tom’ s tooth last week. Tom had/ got his tooth filled last week ( by the dentist). Causative PDF - Free download as PDF File (. pdf), Text File (.

    txt) or read online for free. Grammar and practice about causative form