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Who were some of the most famous pulp artists? script for True Romancebut with Pulp Fiction he achieved mainstream success. • Of his body of work only Inglorious Basterds ( ) and Django Unchained ( ) have grossed more worldwide. Pulp Fiction was the first American Independent film to earn over $ 100 million at the USA box office and heralded the arrival of Indiewood as a. One advantage pulps provided to authors was that they paid upon acceptance for material instead of on publication; since a story might be accepted months or even years before publication, to a working writer this was a crucial difference in cash flow. buoyancy of “ Pulp Fiction, ” its characters, its soundtrack, its joie de vivre. Above all, “ Pulp Fiction” is fun, a celebration of the possi- bilities and inconsistencies of cinema. It puts you on fa- miliar movie ground— the boxer who refuses to go down, the lovers who goad each other into pulling a robbery they can’ t handle. What is a pulp magazine? Among the most famous pulp artists were Walter Baumhofer, Earle K. Bergey, Margaret Brundage, Edd Cartier, Virgil Finlay, Earl Mayan, Frank R. Paul, Norman Saunders, Nick Eggenhofer, ( who specialized in Western illustrations), Rudolph Belarski and Sidney Riesenberg. PULP FICTION" INT. ' 74 CHEVY ( MOVING) – MORNING An old gas guzzling, dirty, white 1974 Chevy Nova BARRELS down a homeless- ridden street in Hollywood. In the front seat are two young fellas – one white, one black – both wearing cheap black suits with thin black ties under long green dusters.

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