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5W2H WORKSHEET STEP 1: Answer the following 5W2H questions to better understand the problem/ opportunity at your organization. What is the problem/ opportunity? Why is it a problem/ opportunity? do you observe the problem/ opportunity? did you first observe the problem/ opportunity? does it affect clients/ families. Dec 21, · Application of 5W2H method is depend on nature of problem. The full form of 5W2H is What, Where, When, Who, why, How and How much. Information and Data of any problem is always require for analyze and to find out the root cause. So 5W2H Format will help you to get the collective data and information in one place for problem analysis. 5W2H problem description and the Is/ Is Not data. Tool: Fishbone / Cause and Effect Diagram.

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    Part of step 2 is also to confirm the failure claimed by the customer. Tools useful for this confirmation are:. 6/ 14/ 11 1 { Raising the Voice of Quality: A 5W2H Approach " Jennifer Stepniowski Special Projects Manager, Pro QC International “ We are here to put a dent in the universe. Matriz 5W2H: aprenda a elaborar, implementar y medir un plan de acción simple y eficiente La matriz 5W2H es una herramienta de gestión de las más eficientes que existen y curiosamente, una de las más simples y fáciles de aplicar.