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In C/ C+ +, the iteration statements are forloop while loop do- while loop for Looping ( Repetition) Structure The while loop discussed in Flow chart the previous lecture is general enough to implement most forms of repetitions. Primary purpose of the for loop is to simplify the writing of counter- controlled loops. What is a control variable in a for loop? 7/ 17/ 1 C/ C+ + Programming for Engineers: Loops John T. Bell Department of Computer Science University of Illinois, Chicago 2 Review What would be the best data type to use to record. What is the difference between Loop and conditional statement? A for loop generally uses a variable to control how many times the loop body is executed and when the loop terminates. This variable is referred to as a control variable. The initial- action often initializes a control variable, the action- after- each- iteration usually increments or decrements. The Infinite Loop: A loop becomes infinite loop if a condition never becomes false. The for loop is traditionally used for this purpose.

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    int main { for( ; ; ). The loop body is executed first. Then the loop- continuation- condition is evaluated. If the evaluation is true, the loop body is executed again; if it is false, the do- while loop terminates. The major difference between a while loop and a do- while loop is the order in which the loop- continuation- condition is evaluated and the loop body executed. The for Loop • Another loop statement, for, is best for when you can determine in advance how many times you need to execute the loop ( counting loop). • The for statement includes the three parts needed for loops: initialize, test, and update. • All this information is conveniently placed at the beginning of the loop.

    What is the difference between a DO- WHILE LOOP and a while loop? 3 Loops - Struble Loops in C+ +! The whileloop in C+ + is the most generic form! Semantics – Executes Statement as long as Expression evaluates to true while ( Expression) Statement 4 Loops - Struble While Loop ( Example)! Recall from our Giving Change Algorithm 1 2. 2 If the value of changeis > = 100, then perform the following steps. Loops • Within a method, we can alter the flow of control using either conditionals or loops. • The loop statements while, do- while, and for allow us execute a statement( s) over and over. • Like a conditional, a loop is controlled by a boolean expression that determines how many times the statement is executed. The loop statements while, do- while, and for allow us execute a statement( s) over and over. , You may want to calculate the interest paid on a mortgage for each year of the loan term.