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A recent article published in the journal " Science" generated a big debate among experts all over the world about the origin and diversification of human languages. View full- text Article. Dec 01, · In fact, 41. 4% of the published articles omitted or insufficiently reported ethnic and racial information, including those that only reported that the samples were ‘ ‘ predominantly White’ ’ or ‘ ‘ about half minority. Representative and random sampling is the hallmark of unbiased science with human subjects. Changes in the iceberg' s freeboard and thickness are derived from CryoSat- 2 and ICESat- 2 satellite altimetry. To generate a complete map of the initial iceberg freeboard and thickness, we collect all CryoSat- 2 tracks over the part of the Larsen- C Ice Shelf that formed the A68A iceberg between 12 July 20 July ( ), correcting for the mean ice motion of 696 m/ year ( Mouginot et al. 4 million articles on ScienceDirect are open access. Articles published open access are peer- reviewed and made freely available for everyone to read, download and reuse in line with the user license displayed on the article. View the list of full open access journals and books; View all publications with open access articles ( includes hybrid. Jan 01, · Cognitive neuroscience has been pivotal for understanding the neural basis of episodic memory.

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