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ever never always Answers 1. I have never been to a foreign country. Have you ever seen her perform? Do you ever go to Ireland on holiday? I shall always remember you. Do you ever go to live concerts? Nobody ever visits them. I have never seen a ghost. I never want to see you again. I don’ t ever want to see you again. English ESL have you ever worksheets - Most downloaded ( 86 Results). This worksheet contains 18 conversation cards, an interview box and a quotes box. The cards can be cut out if desired and be used as conv.

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    She is probably the most fascinating woman I have _ _ _ _ _ met. If you have _ _ _ _ _ felt or known real love, you know it is well worth the wait. Have your children _ _ _ _ _ had Turkish Delight or chocolate. The food was as delicious as ever. If you ever come to the UK, give me a call! They don’ t ever eat meat. Have you ever been to New Zealand? She was feeling better than ever. I don’ t ever study at the weekend. Nobody ever helps me! I’ ve never been to Barcelona. She never takes any exercise at all. We can use ‘ ever’ after ‘ if’. • If you ever want a job, let me know. • If she ever comes to London, she can stay with me.

    We can use ‘ never ever’ to make the meaning of ‘ never’ stronger. This is informal and often used by children. • I’ ll never ever come here again! Sometimes ‘ ever’ can mean ‘ always’. PRESENT PERFECT - EVER AND NEVER Have You Ever Bingo lose some money ride a horse go on a date break a bone sleep in a tent have an operation make someone cry have a bad holiday stay out late stay up all night find some money keep a diary play the piano dream you could fly visit a factory go to Disneyland ride an elephant win a race have a.