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Minor Blues progressions from Guitar. be page 2 / 7 Example 3 With this example we will insert our first secondary dominant chords. A secondary dominant chord is one that is not found within the tonic key, C minor, but one that temporarily tonicizes a chord found in the progression, in this case the Fm7 chord in bar five. The groove of a twelve bar blues piece is largely built on the bassline, which provides a foundation for the rhythmic feel and also the chord structure. The bassline is built on the root note of each chord. So, if we are playing 12 bar blues in C then the 1st bass note we play will be the note C as C major is the 1st chord in the progression. What is 12 bar blues progression? The blues chords associated to a twelve- bar blues are typically a set of three different chords played over a 12- bar scheme. They are labeled by Roman numbers referring to the degrees of the progression. For instance, for a blues in the key of C, C is the tonic chord ( I) and F is the subdominant ( IV). chord for a big finish. The intro does the same thing by kick starting the song to begin at the first cycle of 12 bars. There are probably as many variations for the turn- around as there are blues progressions, ranging from the very simple to complicated jazz blues lines. No matter how simple.

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    What are the blues chords? What is standard blues chord progression? to move away from the idea of using twelve bars to play the blues. The twelve bar progression is the backbone of the blues and it is the basis off thousands of bluessongs. So it’ s quite common, but this doesn’ t mean it should be boring at all. Let’ s take a look into some of the ways to put some variation into this twelve bar progression.