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When you first begin to study Mandarin Chinese pronunciation, it is beneficial to practice pairs of tones. Begin with a word you already know, such as 很好 ( hěnhǎo, very good). This phrase uses the second then the third tone. Say this phrase out loud several times and listen for the tone and rhythm of the syllables. What is the most popular textbook for foreigners in China? Mastering Chinese Sentence Structure by Verena Menzel 5. Maintaining Motivation to Study Chinese by Hugh Grigg 6. Immersion Chinese for Dummies by Andreas Laimbock 7. Expanding your Chinese from Outside of China by Richard Simcott 8. How New Technologies can Help you Study Chinese by Sborto Zhou 9. Learn Chinese by Having Fun! What is everyeveryday Chinese 101? And you get to speak MORE Chinese because these lessons teach you words and phrases for the common conversation topics like Weather, Hobbies, Love, Work, Family, and much more.

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    Detailed Explanation of Grammar & Language Points. Improve Your Chinese Speaking, Listening & Writing Skills. Enroll in Course for $ 74. Chinese 101& 102 Modern Languages, Literatures & Cultures The Citadel 8 Mandarin Chinese phonetics, Pinyin II 1. i, u, ϋ Initials They are written as y, w, yu if they are initials. For example: ( 1) yào 要 to want ( 2) wài 外 outside ( 3) yuē 约 to date Finals They are written as i, u, ϋ if they are finals. For example: ( 1) bǐ 笔 pen.